Meet the team

Priya Bhatt

Facilitator & Chapter Lead

Priya is thrilled to be teaching and coding with GWC PDX. She is a Statistical Genetics Programmer with a graduate degree in bioinformatics and computational biology, a combination of computer science and genetics (two of her passions!) and over a decade of biomedical research experience. She firmly believes everyone should learn how to code and loves teaching the girls at GWC PDX. While she is passionate about providing young women with tangible coding skills, she hopes to expose them to opportunities and career paths coding and computer science can offer — it's more than you may think!

molly black


Molly could not be more excited to teach in GWC PDX. Molly worked in research labs, book publishing, and advertising before she made her way into the field of technology. Once she started learning to code there was no going back. Molly believes software engineering can be a career or hobby for anyone who loves to solve problems, think creatively, and build things. She currently works as the Technical Engagement Lead at, spending every day working to bring health and wellness tools to her users through technology!

Jennifer McHale-Marin


Jenn is passionate about coding, creativity and empowering young women, making GWC PDX a perfect fit! With a background in Graphic Design, Branding and Marketing, learning to code opened up a new set of doors for Jenn’s career. She only wishes she started sooner! Now as a User Experience Product Designer she loves spending her days problem solving at the intersection of technology and creativity. She is eager to share her experience and teach others what doors coding skills can open up for them!

Harshitha Ramamurthy


Harshitha is super excited to work with young women through GWC PDX. She is passionate about encouraging them to learn how to code because, as hard as it can get sometimes, she loves it and knows she wouldn't be where she is today without it. Harshitha was born in India and moved to the US for her graduate degree at Georgia Tech. She is currently a Software Engineer at Intel. She loves Harry Potter, spicy food and meeting new people. She hopes she can relay her professional experience and its benefits to empower more girls to join the STEM field!

Joshua Wolsborn


Josh is extremely excited to be returning to help facilitate with GWC PDX. With a desire for a career change from the golf industry, he returned to college in 2016 to pursue a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Physics at Portland State University. Josh hopes to share his love of problem solving, science, and programming with the class.

Rachel Worthman


Rachel started teaching herself to code at age 14. Over the past decade she studied graphic design and front-end web design which has allowed her to work in a variety of exciting roles in tech. Currently Rachel is a UX/UI Designer at OpenSesame where she designs interfaces for apps. Rachel loves being a part of GWC, it's been so fun to see all the girls learn how to program and design awesome websites!

Club Sponsor

Shannon McWeeney, PhD

Special Thanks

Maseeh College of Engineering & Computer Science, PSU
Division of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, OHSU
OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

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